Peer-Reviewed Publications  

* denotes student co-author 

Stompe*, D.K., Estrada*, C.A., Roberts, J.D., Keller, D.M., Balfour*, N.M. and A.I. Banet.  In Press. Sacramento River Predator Diet Analysis: A Comparative Study. In press for March 2020 issue at San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science. 


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Hiney*, D.C., Kaczynski, K.M., and A.I. Banet. 2018. Using citizen science to estimate the Coastal Rainbow Trout population of the Grass Valley Creek Reservoir. California Fish and Game 104(2):75-85. 


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Technical Reports  

* denotes student co-author 

Banet, A.I., Tussing, S., Memeo, M. and E.A. Roualdes. 2018. Salmonid Monitoring of Habitat Restoration Sites in the Upper Sacramento River in 2017-2018. Prepared for the United States Bureau of Reclamation as part of the CVPIA Upper Sacramento River Anadromous Fish Habitat Restoration Project. 


Tussing, S., and A.I. Banet. 2017. Upper Sacramento River Anadromous Fish Habitat Restoration Project Monitoring Plan and Protocols. Prepared for the United States Bureau of Reclamation as part of the CVPIA Upper Sacramento River Anadromous Fish Habitat Restoration Project. 


Hoy*, S., Luke*, E., Monge*, J., Banet, A., Hatfield, C., and K. Kaczynski. 2016. South Campus Neighborhood Urban Forest Report. Prepared for the Institute of Sustainable Development and the City of Chico as part of the Resilient Cities Initiative. 


Trexler, J., Borkhataria, R., Gaiser, E., Lodge, T., Banet, A., and S.E. Davis. 2011. Report of the Food Web Subgroup. In: Review of Everglades science, tools, and needs related to key science management questions, pp. 187-243. Prepared for the National Park Service and the Everglades Foundation as part of the Synthesis of Everglades Research and Ecosystem Services (SERES) project.